Gunnedah Koala Park

Gunnedah has one of the largest and healthiest inland populations of koalas in Australia.
Koalas are readily seen the urban area of Gunnedah. It is not uncommon to see koalas strolling the footpaths or crossing the street. In a recent survey, at least 40 koalas were living in the town!
The earliest record of koalas in the Gunnedah region comes from zoologist, John Gould in 1863.
Because of the abundant variety of favoured eucalypts and freedom from disease, Gunnedah’s koala population is increasing.
The most common eucalypts found in the Gunnedah area are white box (Eucalyptus albens), bimble box (E. populnea), Blakely’s red gum (E. blakelyi), tumbledown red gum (E. dealbata) and river red gum (E. camaldulensis).
At Waterways Wildlife Park you can have a very close encounter with koalas. If you are after some photos form the Gunnedah Koala Park please see the General Photos tab.