3 Replies to “Photo’s from the Tamworth Floods in 2008”

  1. i am normally scurrying about the online world most of the night therefore I possess a tendency to peruse a bunch, which is not always a good factor as most of the blogs I view are made up of useless trash copied from many other web pages a thousand times, nevertheless I have to give you credit this site is really not bad at all and also consists of a bit of unique material, for that reason thanks for stopping the phenomena of basically copying other individual’s blogs, take care

  2. HI there Stephanie,

    Thanks for the feedback, yeah at the moment the site hasn’t been updated for quite some time now i have had a bit of trouble uploading images, but now it has all been fixed i shall put some more photo’s up and blog post’s. I totally understand what you said in regards to other peoples blogs they do seem to copy and past a lot of other peoples stuff and turn it inot there own, Any way i seem to be rambling on hope to hear from you again take care.

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