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EVGA X58 Classified motherboard

EVGA is ready to announce the ULTIMATE in X58 motherboards. Simply put, the EVGA X58 Classified motherboard goes beyond anything that was ever imagined in the past and raises the bar for enthusiast grade motherboards everywhere. With never before seen features such as 3-way SLI + PhysX + 1x PCIe device on a single board, 2 8pin +12V connectors capable of delivering 600 watts of power, 10 phase Digital PWM with a switching frequency of up to 1333KHz, three times the amount of normal gold content in the CPU socket and much, much more. The EVGA X58 Classified motherboard is engineered for those who demand more than just the best. Read the full article here

Last week I had the privilege to build a good friends PC for him thank you Mr Poodle, I must say this machine rocks the new EVGA X58 classified mother board is the go, took us about 5 hours to build from scratch and the finished product was AWSOME.  We have put with the motherboard a 750W power supply 2 x SLI EVGA Geforce GTX 480’s running on 12GB triple channel RAM, running on a 64bit- windows 7 operating system, as this is in the early stages I will upload some more photos when i get some time and also some stats as well

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